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cricket match background
WhatsApp Scam: How To Keep Your Account Safe
WhatsApp Scam: How To Keep Your Account Safe

euro 2020 soccer ball size 4,WhatsApp has become the latest target of scammers who are now using OTP tricks to hack into accounts of users. Yes, the app so many of us use on a daily basis. here's how the scam goes:

Fraudsters message you, posing as people, often those who you know, and will claim that they are in dire need of money and in some sort of an emergency. They would tell you that they accidentally sent an OTP on your number, and would ask you to share it! If you send the OTP code to the hacker, you'll end up getting locked out of your profile. he can then reach out to your other friends using the same trick. But there are a couple of ways to keep your WhatsApp account secure. Never share your OTP or activation code with anyone, never click on any unknown links, heck if it was indeed sent by him. Most importantly, secure your WhatsApp using 2-step verification. The fraud becomes all the more worrisome because not just money, your personal data could also be stolen for misuse. Stay alert, responsible, and safe.,my bets betway

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